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A humorous, off-beat take on the daily lives of Cambridge Professors.

A humorous, off-beat take on the daily lives of Cambridge Professors.


Contemporary Cambridge-born artist, Ophelia Redpath paints collectible paintings with highly surreal, vivid and humorous content. As Clive James put it in a review, Ophelia Redpath is the most brilliant artist of her type currently working in Britain. She portrays, not types, but particular people, so many of them that they look like a crowd.  But they are a crowd only until we look closely, which, like no-one else in her generation, she can make us do.

Her paintings, expressing an off-beat view of humanity in circumstances of all kinds, are known for their connection with literature and music, and for their undercurrents of humour, often mischievous and surreal.  She also works graphically and has produced a children’s picture book, “The Lemur’s Tale”, and an adults’ coffee-table book, “An ABC of Cambridge Professors”.  She designs wall-prints featuring some of her passions, including particular historical periods, the wildlife of Madagascar, jazz musicians, artists, and other subjects close to her heart.

You can buy her original paintings, signed limited edition prints, open edition prints, book publications and cards on this site.